WWE Superstar Injured At WrestleMania 30



The following is from WWE.com:

“At the very end of the match, Billy sustained a powerbomb maneuver,” said Amann. “After that maneuver, he started to develop hemoptysis, which is the medical term for coughing up blood.


“We brought him back and evaluated him immediately, checked his oxygen, his blood pressure … everything was stable,” Amann continued. “We got some X-rays of his chest, which did not show any evidence of a collapsed lung, so our diagnosis right now is that he most likely ruptured a small blood vessel that caused bleeding to the airways and, subsequently, coughing up blood.”

WWE.com is now reporting that he suffered a hemoptysis after the triple powerbomb that he and Road Dogg took from The Shield at the end of tonight’s six-man match at WrestleMania XXX.

Andrews Take: I thought that WWE would be writing off the outlaws, but since they are going with a injury angle they could be sticking around a bit longer. This is most likly just a WWE story and he is really fine. Like i say all the time, this is pro wrestling. Most things are an angle. We will have more in the morning.

You can read the full WrestleMania 30 report here.

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  • NotoriousRambo

    Lesner would pretty much disappear now smh so disappointed the way they choose to end it like it never mattered or it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be are u kidding me? Was hoping sting would have ended it or someone who has put in work in the wwe for a decade or more that truly deserved it **sigh**

    I can see it now when Vince or hunter are being interviewed because there is gonna be a lot of disappointed fans who will want an answer as to why it ended so horribly and they will answer the fans with well people seem to forget this is the entertainment business just like they said about the Montreal screw job smh.