Report: The Undertaker Wanted Brock Lesnar To End The Streak, Retirement?

Ok, this is going to be the story of the year. We will be providing updates as we get them. So here it is.

As noted earlier, Taker approved Lesnar to beat him and the concession did not play into the match whatsoever. The match went off as planned as Lesnar scheduled to go over ahead of time.

There were very few people behind-the-scenes in WWE were aware of the plan for Undertaker to lose.

Update: According to F4WOnline, the streak to end was indeed The Undertaker’s decision. He made the decision dating all the way back to 2010.  Taker wanted Lesnar to be the one to end The Streak. Yes, Lesnar was in the UFC at the time, but if you remember he did ask Lesnar if he wanted to do it at a UFC event. See below:

There is an impression backstage within WWE that the Undertaker is done. No word yet on how this changes a potential match with Sting at WrestleMania 31.

Ok, so here are some fan reports about this match. There was a huge “bulls–t” chant that started up after the match ended. The chant quieted down and most of the crowd just sat there stunned. Taker did get the standing ovation and a “thank you Taker” chant from most but some did boo while this was going on. This upset some people so much that they fans were seen leaving and several were seen crying.

Please check back as often as you can as we will be providing updates all day. As noted, Taker was sent to the hospital last night. You can read our report about that here.

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