Update: The Undertaker Hospitalized With Concussion - Major Details

Original: After going to war with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 and after losing the match to Lesnar, The Undertaker suffered a concussion during his match. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance immediately after the show due to concussion like symptoms. He  remained overnight so they were to run tests to determine whether or not he suffered a concussion.
They sent him to the hospital and he remained overnight, there was to run tests to determine whether or not he suffered a concussion, as well as concerns that he suffered an apparent neck injury of some kind. For those wondering when the injury happened, It came during a spot early into the match where he took a bad fall off of a single-leg from Lesnar.

For the haters, it should be noted that Taker approved Lesnar to beat him and the concession did not play into the match whatsoever. The match went off as planned as Lesnar scheduled to go over ahead of time.

There were very few people behind-the-scenes in WWE were aware of the plan for Undertaker to lose.

Update: WWE.com posted the following:

“WWE.com can confirm that, following last’s night historic match with Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker was immediately taken to Ochsner Medical Center. After a CT scan and other medical testing, he was diagnosed with a severe concussion and was kept overnight for further evaluation. He was discharged early Monday afternoon.”

Andrews Take: This is not surprising due to the way Lesnar works in the ring. They had a good match, but not a WrestleMania type caliber. I think I am still in shock that he lost.

Partial Source: F4WOnline.com

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