WWE Raw (4/7) Results: Amazing Post WrestleMania Show

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Daily DDT brings you the very best coverage for WWE Monday Night Raw. We are bringing you the very best in today’s coverage of this show in all of the net. We want you to interact with everyone in the comment area below as we provide everything you need to know about whats going on live and after Raw. Action will be uploaded minute by minute.

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a look at Daniel Bryan’s journey from a rookie on NXT to becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We’re live from New Orleans as fans are already doing the “yes” chant. Justin Roberts introduces the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and out comes Daniel Bryan to a big pop. He’s wearing the World Heavyweight Title around his waist and holding up the WWE Title.

Bryan’s music stops and the fans chant his name in a huge way. Bryan just stands there and takes it all in. Bryan jokes that the fans never get tired and a big “no” chant starts. Bryan talks about how we’re all here thanks to one word. He credits the fans wanting change for why he’s champion. He goes on and is interrupted by Triple H’s music. Out he comes with Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H and Stephanie stand on the apron as fans chant “asshole.” Triple H says he’s not going to step in the ring because he doesn’t want to something to Bryan he will regret, at least not yet. Bryan walks over and chants “yes” with the titles in Triple H’s face. Triple H tells him to enjoy this moment because that’s all it is. Triple H says he’s going to personally make sure it doesn’t last through the night. Triple H announces that he’s getting a title shot tonight. Triple H says he’s putting an end to this crap tonight. Triple H says this is his show and there’s nothing we can do about it. He drops the mic and leaves. Bryan gets another chant going before his music hits and The Authority looks back from the stage.

– Still to come, Brock Lesnar will be here. We go to commercial.

– We come back and Stephanie is talking to Triple H about how he’s going to end the Yes Movement. Batista walks in and he’s upset about how everything has worked out. Randy Orton walks in and wants the rematch he has coming. Triple H says he has the power and they will both get rematches, just tonight. Triple H says he’s taking care of the problem tonight. Stephanie says they will settle it later but for now, Batista and Orton are facing The Usos for the Tag Team Titles tonight. Triple H reminds them that historically, when they’re on the same page, nobody can stop them.

The Wyatt Family vs. John Cena, Sheamus and Big E

We go to the ring and out comes The Wyatt Family to a pop. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Intercontinental Champion Big E is out first with Sheamus. John Cena is out next to a very mixed reaction. The three rush the ring and go at it with The Wyatts. It settles down a bit and Bray Wyatt goes at it with Cena. Fans chant Bray’s name. Cena fights back and fans boo. Sheamus tags in for some double teaming on Wyatt. Sheamus hits a battering ram and gets booed. Sheamus beats up Bray in the corner now and stomps away. Bray fights back and Erick Rowan tags in. Sheamus fights back and they trade shots. Sheamus takes Rowan down with a forearm shot. Sheamus mounts Rowan in the corner with right hands but gets slammed back. Fans pop big time for Rowan. Big E comes in to a mixed reaction for some double teaming. Rowan knocks him back with an elbow. Big E with a big backbreaker and another to Rowan. Big E keeps Rowan lifted and slams him a third time over his knee. 2 count for Big E.

Luke Harper comes in and goes at it with E. E with a shoulder and a 1 count. Cena tags in to boos. Cena slams Harper. Harper blocks an Attitude Adjustment and slams Cena on his face for a close 2 count. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Harper has Cena down. Cena powers out but Harper DDT’s him to a big pop. Harper with a 2 count. Rowan comes back in and slams Cena. Bray comes back in and stomps away in the corner. Fans cheer as Bray taunts Cena. Cena comes back with a big clothesline to boos. Bray comes back with a chokeslam and a close 2 count. The crowd is going nuts for The Wyatts. Bray yells at Cena and hits him with headbutts. Harper comes back in and keeps control of Cena. Cena with a backdrop out of nowhere. More boos for Cena. Sheamus and Rowan tag in at the same time. They go at it. Sheamus hits the rolling senton on Harper, on top of Rowan. Sheamus with a battering ram from the top for Rowan and Harper. Sheamus mocks Bray and swings but misses. Harper gets dumped to the floor. Rowan with a big clothesline on Sheamus. Big E comes in as does Bray. Big E takes control and hits the splash. Harper drops E with a boot to the jaw. Rowan knocks Cena out of the ring. Harper dives out to the floor and knocks Sheamus down. Bray turns upside down in the corner and walks as the fans cheer. Fans chant “Bray’s gonna kill you” as Bray hits Sister Abigail on Big E for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

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