Update On The Future Of WWE Main Event - Will It End?

– There has been some mystery surround the future of WWE Main Event on the Ion network. This coming Wednesday will be the final episode of WWE Main Event on the Ion network. Starting next week, the show will continue to be a WWE Network here in the states and will be syndicated internationally. Source: PWInsider Elite.

Andrews Take: With WWE Main Event longer airing on national TV I think the quality of the show will go downhill and yes more than it already has. The show was a great idea at first and i was there for the first taping back in 2012. I hope they continue it and give the show a bump up. Starting tonight with the Wyatt Family Vs. The Shield is a right way to go if doing so. Originally Main Event was  a good concept and they had their first TV taping with Sheamus Vs. CM Punk which was champion Vs. champion at the time. Slowly they got away from that and now it has become a joke. What a shame. Hopefully they can get back to the right plan, but i am not holding my breath.

– Here is today’s schedule for the WWE Network:

  • 7am EST – WCCW TV – 1/8/1983
  • 8am EST – Legends of Wrestling – Worst Characters
  • 9am EST – RAW Flashback – 10/11/1993
  • 10am EST – 10/17/1993
  • 11am EST – WrestleMania XXX
  • 3pm EST – No Way Out 2012
  • 6pm EST – WCCW TV – 1/12/1983
  • 7pm EST – Legends of WrestleMania replay
  • 8pm EST – WWE Main Event live episode
  • 9pm EST – Journey to WrestleMania XXX: Daniel Bryan
  • 10pm EST – WWE Countdown – Infamous Gimmicks
  • 11pm EST – WWE Main Event replay

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