The Ultimate Warrior Lived the Ultimate Character


There was definitely shock this morning as I saw the news of the Ultimate Warrior passing away. You have to feel so much for his family as you could tell the love he had for them.  For me, I’m glad he was able to get his just due from WWE and fans today were able to live out what the Warrior was all about.

I can recall being at WrestleMania 8 and he made his return to WWE after being away for a year or so. I never knew the details behind what happened there, but you hear plenty of talk.  That’s what made the video put out some years ago so devastating; it wasn’t words that Warrior spoke, but everyone else.

Bittersweet that the Warrior was able to return in the way he was able to, and it was almost like he never left.  I stated that as soon as I saw him being featured in the video game, WWE 2k14, he would be in the Hall of Fame.  People stated back that the video game was a different animal, but I kept up that it didn’t matter as WWE had some say in that game I am sure.

Now he got to speak his mind on what happened with his career on his own terms thanks to the Hall of Fame and that short appearance on Monday Night Raw.  Who would even imagine that would be the last we’ll see of Warrior?  He was a guy that ultimately lived his character since he changed his name to Warrior.

We can all talk about how guys are behind the scenes, and Warrior is a guy that doesn’t seem to have much of a screen between the person he is and was. He’s a guy that’s full of passion and just explodes into that passion when the paint comes on. But go back and watch that Hall of Fame speech and you can see the same passion he put into his persona.

Look at the love he had for his family as his two daughters escorted him out.  Look at his eyes as he looked toward his mom and wife and spoke right to him.  Look at how he addressed the fans of WWE on Monday Night. That’s what makes Warrior the Ultimate character of WWE.

I’m glad he was able to come to some peace with WWE and now he’ll come to peace with his life after all of this.

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