WWE Raw Counterpint (4/7): New Era, Youth Movement, Must Read

Is Triple H The Number One Contender For The WWE World Heavyweight Title?

Andrews Take: As it looks they opened and closed the show with Triple H looking like the real contender for the WWE title. I understand that Orton still has his rematch in store for him whenever WWE feels like giving it to him. Most likely at Extreme Rules, but I feel that Hunter is being built as the real contender and not former champion Randy Orton.

Mike’s Take: I don’t think that will be the case come Extreme Rules. I would not be at all against an eight-man tag between Evolution and Kane vs. The Shield and Daniel Bryan, instead of a title match. If that doesn’t happen, somebody has to face Bryan, and Triple H knows that Batista and Randy Orton are much better candidates.




Cesaro Is The Newest Paul Heyman Guy, Thoughts?

Andrews Take: Finally, Paul Heyman has a Paul Heyman guy he can be proud of. Curtis Axel and Ryback did not work out for him, but with the right booking and leadership from Heyman, he should do just fine. I think they need to get him out of the program with Swagger as soon as possible and the biggest mistake they can do for him is giving him a secondary title.

Mike’s Take: This is slightly confusing to me. I don’t know if Cesaro is face or heel, I don’t know what I’m supposed to think of Heyman. I’m looking forward to a Cesaro-Jack Swagger feud. Two extremely talented young guys, each with a great manager. It’s a good way to test Cesaro, and see where this can take him. I think in the end, this will take Cesaro to the main event, don’t be shocked if the next, and final, the person to beat Brock Lesnar is Cesaro.



Overall Thoughts On The Show?

Andrews Take: I think the shows can be summed up in two words, Youth Movement. WWE is in a good place right now with their product. IF they can just keep the train on its tracks every week and continue the new era with the youngest stars.

Mike’s Take: Very happy with this past weekend. The average age of the current champions is 27.5. Daniel Bryan is the only champion in his 30s, at 32. Paige is 21. The Usos, Dean Ambrose and Big E are all 28. I never thought the WWE would be at this point this soon after WrestleMania XXX. The future is bright.

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