WWE Shoots A Documentary About The Ultimate Warrior Days Before His Death

– According to Pwinsider, WWE sent a camera crew with the Ultimate Warrior and his family over the weekend to do a documentary about his life up until this point, the Hall of Fame and the return to the WWE for the first time since 1996. The footage was for a future project to focus on his return. However, now with his recent death, it’s unknown what they will do with the footage.

– Speaking of the Warrior, He stayed at a different hotel than the rest of the WWE crew in New Orleans and mostly hung out with just his family. He has always been distant from the other Superstars now and back in his time.

Andrews Take: Warrior is a family man and whatever you had to say about him, it’s very sad that he has passed at the age of 54. RIP. We have more about his death at this link. It truly is a shame that he passed at this time of a big change in his life.

Back on this day in 2001, WWF Raw was held from the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts. This is the show where Linda McMahon told Vince McMahon that she wanted a divorce. The main event was Team Xtreme defeated Steve Austin, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, & Triple H.

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