Cesaro Will Be King Of The Ring And Swing

cesaroTime to lay it out there and state that I am in fact a Cesaro guy.  I knew every since he was paired with Jack Swagger, he was going to be the Shawn Michaels of the group. More and more people caught on to what Cesaro was all about, and that’s definitely something more old school than we’ve seen before. To me, that’s what catches my eye about Cesaro.  He can work it right in the ring.  He can work a microphone and now he’s paired with Paul Heyman. I am loving that.

But you’ll say remember those other guys that were with Paul Heyman?  Curtis Axel?  Ryback?  Oh yea, those guys weren’t over on their own, and it felt too manufactured when Paul Heyman brought them along. But now, we have Cesaro stating for himself that he wasn’t a Zeb Colter guy, but in fact, a Paul Heyman guy.  That’s what makes him already a step ahead of the game.

Now what would be the plan for Cesaro because let’s face it the big title picture is crowded with Daniel Bryan lugging around the two titles, along with Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, and I’ll even throw Brock Lesnar headed down that road.  So what would I do with Cesaro at this moment?

I would book him as the IC title holder soon enough and let him run with that for a while.  I’m talking at least a year, and possibly longer, but keep booking it strong.  I would compare it to Rob Van Dam when he had the television title back in ECW and that was almost viewed as more important than the heavyweight title at that time.

It’s very possible to build up a guy and his title at the same time. I don’t know if WWE will be able to put that together, but I do believe that we have a great star in the making in Cesaro.  For all the talk of “part timers” and all that, there’s actually a great crop of up and coming stars that sure will probably take a few minutes to get going, but we are getting there.  Right now Cesaro is going to get a bright light shine on him and I can dig that.

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