Report: Triple H Injured At WrestleMania 30 + CM Punk - WWE Update

– “The Game” Triple H suffered some kind of muscle injury in the match with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30. This is the reason his leg was taped up on Raw the night after Mania. There are not many details about the injury at this time, but the only thing being said is that there was noticeable bruising from a muscle injury.

Andrews Take: It must not be that big of a deal since Triple H is set to wrestle at Extreme Rules. I will not spoil anything else, but you can find out for yourself here.

– Yes, I am going to talk about CM Punk, its news people. WWE was selling CM Punk merchandise at WrestleMania 30 and still is at live events. He is the second most popular WWE Superstars in merchandise in WWE even though he has not appeared on TV since January. Punk is still getting royalties on his merchandise, which is pretty substantial. For those who missed it yesterday, WWE has Punk listed as on a leave on their scripts for Raw and Smackdown. He is not suspended, nor fired, nor released to make it Chrystal clear, but on LEAVE.

– Fellow friend and UFC fighter, Chael P.  Sonnen stated on a recent stint on the Wrestling Observer Radio that he strongly believes Punk is gone from WWE.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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