Sting In WWE?

stingThat’s the million dollar question on the minds of WWE fans as I sit here and type this. It’s one of those things that I’ve bounced back and forth on so much, but finally, I’ve come to the side of just make it happen. Sting is a guy that would benefit from even one match in WWE because he would throw that on the mantle of his career.  Not that his career necessarily needs it, but it would benefit it from it, because there wouldn’t be that nagging idea that he never did it.

But the question becomes, who does he face? What does he do?  Just one match with the Undertaker?  Career vs Career?  To me, Sting and Taker is one of those few dream matches that you could still throw together.  You wouldn’t even need to do much booking behind it because let’s face it by now you know the stories of both guys.  You could have Sting set up something that he wants to come in to WWE, make a mark, and leave.  You could have Taker bouncing back from the one loss by going against some new competition.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sting wanted to work with some younger talent as he looks to be someone that’s up for that.  And maybe some younger talent could get a nice rub from beating Sting.  That’s another way to go about it as long as Sting can do it.

It’s just hard to pinpoint that best position for him right now because you have so much happening.  If Taker wasn’t legit hurt from the streak match, I do think you would have the two face off in the ring to get that build up going.  Not that it needs the year long build till next year’s Mania, but it would definitely get the pot stirring for it.

Now with Daniel Bryan getting his title, finally.  The Shield look to be the breakout face group.  Cesaro on a huge rocket to the moon.  The Uso’s hungry for tag teams to devour.  Paige looking to make that next step in the diva’s division.  Evolution back together to get going against the Shield.  Bray Wyatt and John Cena locked in a feud.  Where in the world would you fit in Sting?  Maybe the timing is wrong, but, if WWE can find a way, let’s get it done.

Since I’m out of ideas for Sting in WWE right now, throw out your thoughts on the matter.  

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  • Leon Luciano

    You could have sting vs rock if taker is unable to go

    • Stephen Ajamie

      But is there any draw in that? I feel like you would really have to work to make that a viable story.

      • Leon Luciano

        are you kidding me is there any draw in that? it is considered another dream match.

        • Stephen Ajamie

          I myself have never seen anyone mention that as a dream match. I think it would feel too forced, but what would you do to book it?

          • Leon Luciano

            how is is not a dream match tho? The rock is one the greatest stars from the attitude era and sting is an wrestling Icon it is not hard to book also they can use an angle where they have sting mention when the rock told booker t who are you? it would be a great feud i myself would have undertaker over rock anyday but if undertaker is on his last legs then it may not happen so the rock would be my pick but i am sure you want to see cena or daniel bryan.

  • BoruBrian

    During the height of Pro Wrestling (mid 1990′s), Sting’s character, hanging out in the rafters, was one of the biggest draws of the time. That was close to 20 years ago.
    The match that I always thought would deliver would be NWO era Sting vs Ricky Steamboat. I do not see much in Sting vs Taker.
    With Sting’s well known reluctance to join WWE, they could work an angle where Sting is seen holding onto WCW (Vince owns the name) and is forced to get into WWE to retaliate against some wrong.
    Sting is always plays best as the protector/lone wolf type character.

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Hmm that is definitely an interesting way to go about the Sting character, and I would actually get behind this. He does seem better suited as a lone wolf type.

      • BoruBrian

        One play would have HHH wearing some DGen gear running into Sting wearing WCW gear and insulting him. HHH, knowing where he works out, then sends guys in there to insult him then there is aa attempted assault that gets the wrong guy but Sting witnesses, promising revenge.

        Sting was presented as the anti DGen X an anti NWO.I think heat with Hogan would also work well here.
        Michaels could send in a video mocking Sting as Mr too good for WWE.

        I do not really know, but just having him show up, he is not that great of a talker.
        The threat of Sting retaliation was always what played best vs him talking.

    • Won Lee Ton

      Ric Flair comes back to lead Evolution against The Shield. And they introduce Sting as the man to be in Their corner that could work.

  • DK

    I think that CM Punk might return with Sting in tow with Punk leading the fight against the authority and Sting taking it to Brock Lesnar

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Hmm Sting and Brock Lesnar? I haven’t thought about that one. But good thoughts going there. Just don’t know if we’ll see Punk anytime soon, and especially working with Sting. I feel like both guys are just better suited by themselves.

    • Leon Luciano

      Sting vs brock lesnar yea sounds great only after the match stings bones will be all over the ring lol