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WWE Superstar Tears ACL + Traveling Horror Stories By WWE Stars

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– WWE Star Darren Young announced on his Twitter account that he tore his ACL. He tore it last Saturday night at a Live Event and has already been through surgery.

He tweeted the following down below:


– Dolph Ziggler, JR, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett spoke with to share their worst or most horrifying traveling stories. Check it out below:

Dolph Ziggler: One time, Motel 6, but the lock had been busted off a bunch of times and it looked like they just kind of painted over it, so the door would just come right open and it was really cheap. Bad part of town, shady characters outside the window — it’s ground-floor — doing who knows what. So I took the chair from the desk and I propped it under the door and I pushed the bed to the other side of the room and I slept sitting up with my clothes on, waiting for the door to come unjammed.

Bad News Barrett: Probably the worst one was when somebody found out which hotel I was staying in and started doing very bad English accents, pretending to be related to me, trying to get into the room. Yeah, it was just a bit of a disaster.

Jim Ross: It’s ranged from turning the sheets back and finding someone’s … deposit. Someone actually used the restroom in the bed and then remade the bed. And it was … it wasn’t funny. That was in [New] Jersey, I think. Then the other stuff is simple. I had a hotel room in Manchester, England, that would have been too small for Hornswoggle. I was hanging everywhere. They had a TV with a screen the size of my iPad. They had a desk, that you could work at the desk, but the room was so small, the desk didn’t have room for a chair. So you had to sit on the end of the bed to reach over to your desk to do your work.

Justin Gabriel: I have a few, actually. Let’s see … the most recent one … I don’t remember the town, but I remember waking up and [I was staying in the same hotel as] Damien Sandow. He knocked on [the door to] my room in the middle of the night and he was like, “Dude, we gotta get out of here.” And there was nobody checked into that hotel. And I asked the guy [working there], I was like, “Hey guy, is this hotel very popular?” And he goes, “Oh yeah, very popular. It’s just out of season.” It was just weird. I’m pretty sure it was haunted. Pretty sure. Empty hotel. Nobody. [Just us] and the guy at the reception.

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