AJ Styles On: TNA Return, His Future, TNA Going Out Of Business & Much More

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and current Ring of Honor star, AJ Styles recently spoke with the Baltimore Sun about leaving TNA, joining ROH and more. Check it out below:

His Thoughts On Leaving TNA: “…I honestly thought I’d be the guy that TNA could say, “This is the first guy that we signed to this company, and he’s retiring from our company.” And, man, what an awesome thing that would have been. So I never imagined I would leave that company, I assumed I’d retire from there. It sucks, but you can’t fix that now. I left the door open…”

Does He Believe TNA Will Go Out Of Business? “You know, I really don’t know. I know they’ve made a lot of cuts. That must mean they’re not doing so well. Sting gone, Hogan gone, myself gone, and I’m sure we’re going to see more cuts soon. From what I’ve heard and been told, it’s been horribly mismanaged as a company. I don’t know if they’re going out of business. But they’re definitely doing things that make people think they’re going out of business. And I hope they don’t. I hope TNA doesn’t go out of business because I have a lot of good friends that work there and deserve to be in the national spotlight. My hope is that they never go out of business.”

Do you think there’s a chance for Ring of Honor to possibly move up that pecking order? Definitely, especially if we get that primetime TV slot. These guys are some of the best wrestlers in the world, and if more people see that, then yeah, we could definitely move up.

Will He Ever Return To TNA In The Future? “I tried to leave the door open. I haven’t buried the company. Like I said, I have friends there who do well, so I’m not going to do that. But I don’t know if I’ll ever go back, and it’s definitely not going to be any time soon. And from what one of their higher ups said, it will be ‘Only if there’s space available for AJ Styles.’ So I guess there might not be room for me, according to him.”

Do you think you might consider Global Force Wrestling if a door opened up for you? Sure, this is what I do. This is my job.


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