Fatal Four Way Originally Set For Raw + Summer Rae’s Future Plans

– After Fandango so called dumped Summer Rae and replaced by fellow Diva Layla, some people have wondered what WWE is going to do with her. As of now she is set to return as a singles heel. She is currently with the Miz taping the latest installment of the Marine movie.

– As noted earlier on the website, Originally WWE did not have a contender’s tournament for Big E’s Intercontinental Title planned for Monday’s Raw. WWE was hoping that Christian would be cleared from his concussion tests, when that did not happen, WWE had to come up with something and the tournament was created. At this time there is no winner that stands out, but you would have to think the winner would be Cesaro.

In an update, before they came up with the tournament, they had a fatal four way match scheduled Big Show vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro vs. Possibly Christian, where the winner would face Big E at Extreme Rules. However, God himself, OKAY Vince McMahon canceled that idea because he  felt that the four-way, did nothing to elevate a strong contender for the Intercontinental Title and felt that a tournament would create a stronger contender. Right now, Cesaro is scheduled to win the tournament and go on to face Big E at Extreme Rules.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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