Is Eric Bischoff Still With TNA? + Why Eric Young Is World Champion

- As we reported this morning, Vince Russo is still with TNA. He sends in ideas to John Gaburick and he reviews them. Well, it was reported a few months back that Eric Bischoff was gone as well. However, both are still on the creative team and have three months left on their contracts.

- Some are happy for him and some a knocking him for winning the TNA World Heavyweight Title. reports that part of the reason that Eric Young was made TNA World Champion was so that they can do some cross promotion with his Animal Planet show, Off The Hook: Extreme Catches. The show is set to have its third season of the show to debuts on Sunday, June 16, and the plan is to spend the next two months getting Young over as a champion to coincide with the return of the show.

Right now, TNA is trying to make the fans forget the Young’s past as a goof character and make him into a top notch player on the TNA roster. They want to change his perception and repackage him as a credible champion in the eyes of the fans.

Hardcore TNA fans love him and causal fans hate on him. He seems like a nice guy and entertaining. I do not agree with him being the face of your company, but if they can give him the opportunity of proving he is worthy of being champion then go ahead. I just think that it is impossible for fans to take him seriously after all the BS they gave him over the last ten years.


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