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A lot of people have been wondering if former creative writer Vince Russo is on the TNA creative team again. Well, here is the latest, currently, the creative team is headed by John Gaburick.  His three team members are David Lagana, Matt Conway and Christy Hemme (to work with the Knockouts).  The process is that Gaburick sets the direction and comes up with ideas, with the help of the team.  They then put it to paper and write the script.

 He is still on the TNA payroll as a consultant and he does offer ideas and do critiques of the televised product. Jon Gaburick is the top writer there in TNA. Think of him as the guy who makes the final decision. Vince will make pitches on his ideas, but Gaburick OK’s it or not.

There’s been a feeling that if Russo isn’t writing the original scripts for Impact, then he’s getting passed scripts to do re-writes. His team of writers is made up of David Lagana, Christy Hemme and Matt Conway.

So there you have it, Vince Russo is back with TNA and on the creative team. Source: PWinsider.com

I believe Vince Russo has some good ideas and knows the wrestling business. However, I believe he has some terrible ideas as well. He can write and with him not being the top writer in TNA and having a filter on his ideas i think it will be OK. Right now TNA needs all the help they can get.

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