Mick Foley Says He Will Not Resign With WWE - Find Out Why

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently appeared on “The Drive with Marc James” on CBS Radio 610 “The Fan” (WFNZ) in Charlotte, North Carolina. And was asked about his future with WWE. Will he resign with the company? “Honestly, I’m probably not going to sign my Legends Deal with WWE because I don’t think they did the right thing by the guys with the video game. The check was a little low. Last year, there was a bankruptcy, but this year there wasn’t. So, I don’t see the upside to signing the legends deal when the carrot isn’t there dangling. So, I’m not going to sign my Legend’s deal.”

Foley has been very vocal of WWE and the way they have not been booking their show, using their stars and more. This should come as no surprise to his recent blogs on Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and in January hitting his TV with a baseball bat due to his frustration.

– Here is today’s schedule for the WWE Network, all times are eastern:

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  • 1pm – Warrior Week replay
  • 2pm – Warrior Week replay
  • 3pm – Warrior Week replay
  • 4pm – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 1
  • 5pm – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 2
  • 6pm – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 3
  • 7pm – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 4
  • 8pm – Journey to WrestleMania XXX: Daniel Bryan
  • 9pm – Beyond The Ring: The nWo
  • 10pm – Legends House replay
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