Speculation: Batista Leaving WWE After Extreme Rules?

Batista fans or haters, I’m afraid I might have some bad news for you. By looking at the live events after Extreme Rules, there is speculation that Batista will be leaving WWE TV soon. His latest movie (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as Drax the Destroyer) is set to premiere on August 1st he has some promotional work that he will have to do. With that said, do not be surprised if he leaves to go on and promote that film for a little bit.

Batista is also not advertised for the Raw after Extreme Rules from Albany, NY and the Big European tour that follows.

Here is my take on this, Batista will remain on WWE TV and not show up at house shows. We report live reports for house shows all the time and he makes rare house show appearances as it is.

He alongside Randy Orton and Triple H are set to face the Shield at extreme Rules on May 4th.

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– Here is today’s schedule for the WWE Network:

  • 12am EST – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 1
  • 1am EST – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 2
  • 2am EST – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 3
  • 3am EST – WrestleMania XXX Fallout: Part 4
  • 4am EST – WCCW TV: 4/12/1983
  • 5am EST – WCCW TV: 4/15/1983
  • 6am EST – Old School: 2/7/1987 Boston event
  • 7am EST – WrestleMania Rewind: WrestleMania 19
  • 8am EST – Best of RAW: 4/8/1996
  • 9am EST – RAW Flashback: 12/20/1993
  • 10am EST – RAW Flashback: 12/27/1993
  • 11am EST – WWE Superstars replay
  • 12pm EST – WWE Main Event replay
  • 1pm EST – WrestleMania 2
  • 4:30pm EST – WCW Spring Stampede 1998
  • 7:30pm EST – RAW Pre-show
  • 8pm EST – Legends of Wrestling: RAW
  • 10pm EST – ECW Hardcore TV: 8/30/1994
  • 11:06pm EST – RAW Backstage Pass
  • 11:30pm EST – Old School: 10/20/1986 MSG event


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