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Taz Debuting New Radio Show + Warriors Wife Gives Update


- Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and current TNA color commentator is breaking into Radio. He makes it clear that this is not a podcast, but rather a one on one with people calling in. Under his podcast he gives the following description about the show:

“Taz Radio is a talk show hosted by Taz, but the show is NOT about Taz’s career. It is about his feelings, thoughts and most impotently Taz’s insight about the daily topics in the wrestling business. This is coming from someone with strong legitimacy standpoint from a man who has been a 3x World Champion, TV broadcaster for both WWE & TNA (current) and ECW an original. Those bringing to the microphone on his show, no bitterness, no cheap shots & no BS!”

Taz is a good fit for TNA, however I do not know how many callers he will get. This is not a knock towards him or TNA. But you have to remember that some people do not know what TNA is. Heck, some people wonder why Kurt Angle and or Jeff Hardy is right now. Good luck to him.

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- It appears that the late Ultimate Warriors wife is trying to move passed the unexpected death of her husband. She wrote the following:

“Warrior girls and I will put our toes back in the pond of life. To honor Warrior do something brave today too. He’d tell us all we can be sad, but not lazy :) join a gym and put down that chocolate bunny. I’m going for my first run since I lost him; support us by doing something bold, brave and awesome. Dana A. Warrior”

Even though it will be very hard for her, I do hope that she can get passed it. She is set for the rest of her days money wise, but trust me money can’t replace a person.

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