Triple H's Peak as a Performer

no way outWith the re-emergence of Evolution and Triple H having more of an on screen character in the past months, I wanted to hear what everyone considers the top of the Game.  For me, his work with Cactus Jack and that time he spent as the champion is where you could state that he hit his top.  Not that it was all downhill after that as he still had plenty of value in his character, especially that time with Austin where it seemed to work.

But for me, the low end came during that run with Evolution.  His character there never connected with me, and you look at who he faced in that time, and it just wasn’t that great.  Scott Steiner?  Even the stuff with Goldberg…never hit the quality it should have.

Then we hit the final run of DX, and well, that wasn’t what DX was all about either. At that time, they were enjoyable to see together for a run, but even that overstayed it’s welcome. I am sure soon enough that we’ll get DX in the Hall of Fame, but I would hope that Triple H on his own achieves that first.

When you consider all the different character changes that he’s gone through, there’s no doubt, he’s one of the best.  I don’t think many guys would be able to evolve all those different times and still be one of the main event players.  He was probably my first hated heel as that run with Cactus Jack really hit it home.  But then again, it took a great babyface for you to hate the heel.  That’s something missing in today’s WWE, but that’s another story.

Short and sweet for this article as I do want to start the conversation as to what you would point to the top of Triple H’s career.  Am I not finding something in his time with Evolution?  Did I miss something in the DX reunion?  Where do you put Triple H in the greats?

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