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Jeff Hardy Speaks Out On The Willow Character & Lita

Current TNA Star Jeff Hardy appeared on Between The Ropes to promote Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view. Here are the highlights of that interview:

What Is The Willow Character?

“Willow was my bad guy identity when Matt and I were running the OMEGA shows. I would be Jeff Hardy as the good guy and Willow would be the bad guy wrestling Matt across the indie circuit. It was an alter-ego back then, and now I had a chance to bring it back in TNA. I’m glad they gave me the chance to do it because it means the world to me to see how cool the promos have turned out and the vignettes leading up to the debut, and the entrance. The in-ring matches are still a work in progress for me, but it’s fun to be that extension of myself, especially now at 36 years old on national TV.”

His Thoughts On Lita Going Into The WWE Hall of Fame?

“It was great. I was watching Raw when they first announced it and I was glad to see that. I’m very proud of her. Anytime you’re inducted into the Hall of Fame, it’s quite the honor.”

After Winning Several Championships, How Does He Become Better?

“I’ve worked with so many legends and icons, it’s made me better and I’ve learned so much from all of those guys I’ve been in the ring with. It’s helped me to become my own individual and starting my own craft and forming my own identity. I’m finally comfortable to say that I am the complete ‘Charismatic Enigma’ as Jeff Hardy and Willow. Whatever I feel like doing to express myself, I can pull off.”

I understand that he is trying to fresh in up his character, but the Willow gimmick is not really getting over with the fans. Everyone knows it is Jeff Hardy, so why can’t he just be Jeff Hardy?

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