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Will WWE Stay On USA Network For Monday Night Raw?

With WWE in the middle of TV rights and where they will be on television for the next few years, many have wondered where WWE’s flagship show (Raw) will be at. Well, this may come as a no brainier, but the USA Network is in a position to keep WWE RAW, no matter how the bidding goes according to F4WOnline.

Also Ad Age has a report out that USA Network made a cool 1 Billion bucks in the past two years.

USA is starting to map out and lock in their fall programming line-up. The general expectation has been that WWE will end up staying with USA but nobody has said anything definitely.

It would only make sense that WWE would stay with USA Network. They went over to the TNN / Spike TV for a few years and look how that turned out. Even though the USA Network does not have the best programming, they understand WWE programming. Honestly i would like to see other WWE programming go over to the USA Network. Smackdown would be an ideally situation if it was up to me.

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