Kane - The Big Red Undisputed Champion?





OK no, The Big Red Machine is obviously being made to look strong before Extreme Rules, but nevertheless I think we can all agree it’s great to see the real Kane back. This is the Devils Favorite Demon, The Undertakers brother, not the ridiculous suit wearing suck up.

Despite all this, Daniel Bryan will come out on top against all the odds and the Yes Movement will surge on, rightfully so. The only thing I sometimes wonder is must Daniel always be the underdog? He wins just about every match he’s in so surely WWE can start to bill him as the favorite at least in a few matches, it feels like watching Rocky Balboa at times.

It looks like WWE stumbled onto this match as a way to keep the title on Bryan while they think of where to go next, I mean Orton has a rematch clause and all Batista has said since his return is ‘I’m back to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, deal with it’. Yet those two just drop that to reform Evolution? I don’t think so.

So i’m not sure how much more they can squeeze out of this authority story line, Bryan has overcome everyone and everything they can throw at him, if Evolution can get past The Shield then that may well be the authority’s last chance to take out Bryan.

Where do you think WWE is going with this? Are you looking forward to Extreme Rules? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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