WWE Raw Rating Is In - How Did It Do?

Monday’s edition of Monday night Raw scored a 3.25 rating, up from the 2.97 rating the show drew the previous week. Raw averaged 4.61 million viewers, up from the 4.139 million average from last week according to Zap2It.com.

For you fine folks who love to compare ratings, here are some comparisons. The NBA Playoffs produced 3.422 million and 3.921 million viewers at different times for TNT last night, but Raw was still up over 500,000 viewers compared to last week.

The Main Event was Roman Reigns Vs. Randy Orton, also Ric Flair appeared in that segment.

I love when people try to say that NBA, NFL or any other things on TV will effect the ratings. You can make several points on if that is or is not right, but the bottom line is this. If you have something that people are interested in, that people want to watch then they will watch it. Bottom line, you never hear about the ratings being worse in the attitude era, stop making excuses.

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