WWE Tough Enough Returning + Seth Rollins Speaks Out

– Vince McMahon said during the stock holders press conference today that Tough Enough is returning as “original programming” on the Network. No filming or debut dates were announced.

Tough Enough is a classic and that is before it was redone in 2011. It made future stars, but also gave the WWE Universe an option of what they wanted to watch. It has been rumored since 2011 that the show would come back, I do not know if they will tape new content for the show or just air the old one. Most likely they will air the old which is fine with me just as long as we get something.

– Seth Rollins recently did a interview with IGN and here are some of the highlights:

If he feels like The Shield should stay together for awhile more:

“I definitely do. I think there’s a lot of life left in The Shield, especially with the different direction the crowd has taken on with us. I think there’s a long way to go for us as a group — as individuals as well. There’s no reason we can’t advance in both situations. I think people assume that for whatever reason there’s an exclusivity to being a single star and a great stable. But for me it’s never about that. We can all grow as individuals, and we can all be big stars in our own right. The Shield can be as big as it’s ever been. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.”

If it feels different being a babyface faction:

“Yeah, I think that’s the best way to describe it. We’re just doing what we do. I don’t think we’ve necessarily changed that much about us. We’re still black-clad, we’re still out there kicking ass, taking names. For whatever reason, the crowd seems to be on our side at this point. It feels good. It’s nice. The energy levels definitely haven’t gone down at all. If anything, they’ve risen up. It’s a different kind of energy. It’s awesome. I think people have always appreciated what we do, but I feel like for whatever reason now, they just feel like it’s okay to cheer us. So that’s cool. I dig that.”

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