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Will Ric Flair Be At WWE Extreme Rules?

With Ric Flair showing up on this past Monday’s Raw, there have been some rumors going around on if he will be showing up this Sunday. According to Pwinsider, Flair is headed to California for an autograph signing at a Frank & the Son Collectibles show on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles. According to someone close to Flair, his itinerary for the weekend has him flying straight from California back home to Atlanta, with no stop in New Jersey for Extreme Rules.

Of course, WWE could always request Flair at the last minute, but as of this afternoon, he’s not scheduled.

I really do believe that WWE will extend this program out on more month, They can have Flair come in and cost the Shield the match somehow. Now I understand that is a real stretch, but all has to be considered.

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Here is today’s schedule on the WWE Network:

12am EST – WWE NXT

1am EST – WWE Superstars

2am EST – WWE Main Event

3am EST – RAW Flashback

4am EST – RAW Flashback

5am EST – ECW Hardcore TV


7am EST – Best of RAW

8:30am EST – RAW Backstage Pass replay

9am EST – RAW Flashback

10am EST – RAW Flashback

11am EST – Beyond The Ring: Edge

1pm EST – WWE Main Event

2pm EST – Legends House

3pm EST – Best of Hall of Fame: Part 1

4pm EST – WrestleMania 3

7:30pm EST – SmackDown Pre-show

8pm EST – Legends of Wrestling: Careers of The Iron Sheik & Andre the Giant

9pm EST – ECW Hardcore TV

10pm EST – SmackDown Backstage Pass

10:30pm EST – ECW Hardcore TV

11pm EST – Legends of Wrestling: Careers of The Iron Sheik & Andre the Giant


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