Extreme Rules Predictions: Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in an Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

On Sunday night, Daniel Bryan will have his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship defense against Kane. After all that Bryan and The Authority have been through, they are turning Kane loose on him, to see if The Big Red Monster can take down the Yes Movement.

Bryan has very obviously lost momentum in the past few weeks, and that can easily be attributed to a poorly-timed honeymoon and the very unfortunate passing of his father. Still, Bryan can very easily regain that momentum by strongly retaining his title against Kane, and coming out of the current injury angle strong.

Stephen’s Take: I don’t see any other outcome besides Daniel Bryan winning.  I honestly don’t think this will be a good match, which does suck for Bryan’s first title defense.  It wouldn’t even surprise me if this match ends up in the middle of the card and is a much shorter match than anticipated. I can see Bryan getting beat down at the beginning, but pulls off some quick roll up for the win.

Stephen’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan retains

Mike’s Take: While this match is highly disappointing on paper, I expect a solid match from these two. If any big man is going to work hard to make sure Bryan looks as formidable as possible, it’s Kane. I’d say that Bryan gets a very hard fought victory, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Kane tap out to the Yes Lock. This should be about a 15 minute match, with Bryan selling most of the way. I like the combo Bryan used at WrestleMania on Batista, Knee Plus before locking in the Yes Lock, it looks painful and he should continue to use it.

Mike’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan retains

One more preview to come, that’s Evolution vs. The Shield.

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