Extreme Rules Predictions: Pre-Show: El Torito vs. Hornswoggle in a WeeLC Match

Extreme Rules is upon us, and we here at Daily DDT want to share our predictions with you. We will be previewing each match like we have done for WWE and TNA pay-per-views in the past. It will just be Stephen Ajamie and myself, Mike Smith, as Andrew Ravens couldn’t join us this go-around.

The Pre-Show for Extreme Rules will feature the first-ever WeeLC Match, to be contested between El Torito and Hornswoggle.

This match is bound to be entertaining in some form or fashion. You can expect to see some small chairs, small tables, and possibly even a step ladder.

Stephen’s Take: In the WeeLC Match, I hope to see a small chair or table used.  I believe that this is all El Torito, but you’ll have 3MB and Los Matadores probably all get involved with each other at some point as well.  Not much to say about the match as we’ve seen these guys go at it a few times already and it’s just there.  But it could be a fun match if they get the tables, ladders, and chairs involved.

Stephen’s Prediction: El Torito

Mike’s Take: It’s hard to see this match going to Hornswoggle. El Torito is obviously the more agile of the two, and he is probably going to do something cool in this match off the step ladder. WWE has had fun with the first two matches. With both guys taking one match each, the rubber match should also see some involvement from 3MB and Los Matadores. This obviously won’t be a showcase match, but if people give it a chance it could be pretty fun.

Mike’s Prediction: El Torito

There’s plenty more to come with previews and predictions for each match going up throughout the day, with the final match prediction going up at 3 p.m. EDT.

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