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Buried Alive Match Considered For WWE's Payback Pay-Per-View

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So as we have noted over the last day or so, if Batista can’t or better said won’t wrestle Daniel Bryan at Payback, the plan coming out of Extreme Rules is if they can’t convince Batista to work with Bryan at Payback, then they will do Kane vs. Bryan in a Buried Alive Match.

F4WOnline added that Kane sitting up at the end of the Extreme Rules match with Bryan was done because WWE felt they needed that as a closing image in case they go with Kane vs. Bryan for Payback.

Once again, if WWE ever wanted to write the Kane character off TV or he wanted to retire, this would be perfect for him. I don’t see Batista putting over Bryan and to have a Buried Alive Match in the PG era is pretty big. I would not mind seeing that match, what do you think? Leave it in the comment area below.

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