Maria Kanellis Talks: Her Feud With The Bellas, Punk & More

Former WWE Diva and current ROH talent Maria Kanellis spoke with, down below are the highlights from that interview:

Her Thoughts On Triple H: “Anybody that wants to say it is the Yes Movement better also remember who the boss is, and who’s the one making the decisions now. And I think that Triple H doesn’t necessarily get as much credit as he deserves, because he is the on building up that NXT, he’s the one that has made it a hub and place for wrestling to grow and get better and better.”

Her feud with The Bella Twins: “I actually and done with that part of my life. I talked to Nikki the other day. We’re cool. Like it’s funny, I don’t think I knew all the facts. I think people were telling me things that weren’t necessarily true. I wanted to be done with it. So, one day I just texted her and was like, ‘hey, I don’t know what happened, but I’m sorry.’ And she responded back and she’s like ‘I understand, you know things happen.’ She was super cool about it. And we’re done with that. Like, I’m an honest person, and when I find out I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

Her Thoughts On Nancy Grace: “The Nancy Grace’s of the world are so behind of the times. Holy crap. And how can you be so disrespectful? I mean, how can you be so rude? Like, here this man comes on to talk about a friend, and then you’re going to do that to him? I mean she’s just an evil, evil woman.”

Her Thoughts On CM Punk: “Punk came in, changed everybody’s mind. Then management started listening. Management went, ‘Oh, he know’s how to get over.’ Because he knows the people, because he’s been working in front of the people for 9 years now.”​

I always thought that she was a decent talent in WWE and obviously very beautiful. However, she really found her talents while in ROH. She is not just eye candy, but actually a really good heat seeker.

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