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Christopher Daniels Explains Why He Was Released From TNA


Former TNA star Christopher Daniels recently spoke with Bryan Alvarez of For all you Daniels fans out there, this is a must read. With all the rumors, all the speculation, this will give you and I some indication on what really happened within his circle.

Are the reports true about how low the morale is in the TNA locker room right now?

“I sometimes wonder, the tendency for anybody, especially when you’re with friends and you’re in the trenches, is to laugh at the stuff that you interpret as ridiculous or silly, and to grouch about the things that you interpret as not being good. That to me isn’t morale, that’s just like getting through the day. As bad as anything ever got, if we were depressed or mad or down in the dumps, there was never a feeling like, ‘Well, let’s storm the castle and kill the king.’ It was just, you know, haha let’s get through the day and still try to put out the best product that we could and take this vision that these guys are putting in front of us and put that on the television show. So, to me, morale was fine. None of us were on suicide watch or anything. It’s just what it was. Whatever positive or negative, whether it’s ratings or house show attendance or pay-per-view buys or whatever, it was never so bad that we were all looking to drink bleach or anything. We grouched about the things that were silly and we were high-fiving ourselves over stuff that we were happy about, whether it was matches or upcoming programs or whatnot.”

His thoughts on his TNA departure after so many years with the company: “I always found it funny when I heard reports that I was one of the higher paid guys on the roster. I’d look at my paycheck and I never thought I was one of the higher paid guys. Essentially my contract was one of those where you only made a lot of money if you worked a lot, and I certainly wasn’t working as much near the end of my contract as I was a year ago. I don’t think that financial reasons were the reason I wasn’t renewed. I don’t know if they thought our act was tired or they wanted to go in a different direction. I’m not sure why that’s the case, especially when I felt like there was a simple and great program in the works between us and Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, but apparently the guys on the creative team didn’t have the same desire to see that program take place.”

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