Report: WWE Officials Discussion Giving Talents Time Off

For reason, the very smart internet fans have thought of hundreds of ways to make wrestling better and one that always made sense to me is having talents take time off here and there to not only heal up, recharge their minds, but also to give the fans a break from the Superstars. Well WWE might be listening to you.

The idea of giving WWE talents time off to recharge and heal up has been talked about as a strategy down the line. The feeling right now is that may be a good thing, but the weak roster depth doesn’t allow it, according to

There is a concern right now about the idea of constantly running shows without either John Cena or Daniel Bryan as the advertised headliner.

I think it is a really good idea, obviously for all the things I listed in the first paragraph. Now will it hurt the product at first? Well, yeah, however, it will be positive down the road and work. Also, it will give other, undercard talents more exposure and something to do other than avoid, or beg to be on WWE Superstars which airs on the WWE Network.

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