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Will Evolution - The Shield Have Another 6 Man Tag? has confirmed plans to have Evolution and The Shield go at it again. While there is talk of doing the six-man rematch at Payback, there is also talk of matched a series of 3 singles with members of each group going at it one-on-one.

Also the other big discussion at this week’s WWE tapings was what to do with The Shield and Evolution at Payback, so they are going back and forth on different ideas.

I think I would prefer a three singles matches compared to a 6 man tag match. They could do this to pop a rating. Have Batista – Rollins on Raw, Randy Orton – Dean Ambrose on Main Event and then Triple H – Roman Reigns on Smackdown of the week of the PPV. Then on that Sunday have the 6 man tag team match. Of course, if I was the booker then I would do that. Of course i’m not. Everyone wants to book wrestling, so what do you think? Let me know what you think in the comment era below.

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