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TNA Impact Spoilers Results For Tonight

Here is spoilers for tonight’s TNA Impact (Courtesy of my good friends over at TNA

*Knox returned to Impact Wrestling with his carny family. His female manager, a clown with balloons, two men on stilts and a masked muscle man. Knux defeated Kazarian in a match.

*Eric Young came to the ring. Young promised that the title would be defended every single week. Eric says that if TNA won’t book him in a match then he will just have to book himself into a match.

*Bobby Roode comes out and demands a rematch from the past week. Eric reminds Roode that he already beat him last week. Roode said he had to compete in two matches that night and even then he came close to beating Young. Roode reminds Young that

they broke into the wrestling business together. He asks Eric for one more match for old times sake. He says that if he loses, he won’t ever ask Eric for another title shot from him again. Eric agrees and the two shake hands.
*EC3 defeated Kurt Angle. Angle began favoring his knee again and at one point could no longer continue. The referee put up his hands in the X pattern signaling an injury but Kurt forced his hands down. EC3 then speared Angle’s knee and pinned him for the win.

*MVP came out and said the the World Title rematch will not be happening. MVP says that wrestlers are paid to wrestle by the organization and that wrestlers are not paid to make their own matches. MVP teases a ‘blockbuster’ announcement for an opponent for Eric Young at Slammiversary.

*Bobby Roode came out and got in MVP’s face for cancelling the match. MVP said that Roode had his chance and lost and claims that in his TNA, there will be no handouts. Roode tells MVP that in over 10 years of being in the business he has never needed a handout and calls MVP a “son of a b—h”. Roode shoves MVP twice and the two begin to brawl. Security and referees came out to split them up.

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