Kurt Angle Out Of Action For 4-6 Months - Done With TNA?

If you watched Impact last night, then you know that Kurt Angle tore his ACL in the storyline, but is actually a real thing. Kurt Angle underwent ACL surgery this week and will be out for 4-6 months. His contract is up in the fall of this year and with him being out for so long, last night might have been the last you see of Kurt Angle in TNA, if he does not renew his contract.

Angle was gutting through matches this year, despite doctor’s orders, but finally opted to get the surgery this week.

It is a shame how Kurt Angle is slowing ending his career. He has stated in the passed that he wants to return to WWE for his last run. However, I do not know if he could pass a physical right now. Not saying he uses drugs which I highly doubt, but I mean his body is really beat up and might be done. Hopefully not and we can see one match with him and any WWE Superstars that you can think of would be a good match up. Personally, I want Daniel Bryan Vs. Kurt Angle.

He has since tweeted the following:


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