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Daniel Bryan Will Need Neck Surgery; Timetable Uncertain for Return

Those of you watching Monday Night Raw tonight have all heard the news about the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, going in for neck surgery on Thursday. It leaves a lot of unanswered questions about the current champion. The first question I asked myself was, “Is this for real or is it kayfabe?” I was scared that he was giving the surprise Edge retirement speech that shocked us all a few years back. I think no matter what it is, whether it’s real or kayfabe, a break for Daniel Bryan isn’t a terrible idea.

CM Punk walked out on the company in January, largely due to his body being worn down from the WWE schedule.

In the last three years I don’t think Bryan has taken any time off. His style in the ring is intense and hard on his body. Even if this is just for storyline, I think giving a top guy a break once in awhile is something WWE needs to do more of.

It keeps the wrestlers fresh, the angles fresh, and doesn’t burn out the fans on a guy like, oh I don’t know, John Cena. I admire Cena like nobody else for the sacrifices he’s made and his work ethic, but to no fault of his own, his steam settled to soon because he was always around and hasn’t changed character in years due to his popularity with the younger fans.

I hope for Daniel Bryan, the break albeit kayfabe or the real thing, recharges his batteries and brings him back better than ever.

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