TNA's Production Crew Reportedly Threatens To Walk Out - Details

Before we get into this, yes there are going to be people that hate on TNA and those who will defend it until the end.

There were major concerns about money at this past week’s set of TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, specifically with the production crew.

People in production were upset about being behind on pay and it was said that if they weren’t caught up on pay by a certain point, they were going to walk out in the middle of last week’s sets of tapings.

These threats clear as day because they made their way back to TNA management as checks were issued to people and everything cooled off. There was a 24-hour period where there was a lot of tension backstage. As noted earlier, money is tighter than ever right now for TNA. Source:

We all have something to complain about TNA in some ways, however it is different. If you like TNA then watch it, if you don’t then don’t watch. However there are some weeks that I wonder why I watch the show for the past ten years.

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