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Update: ​How Long Is Daniel Bryan Expected To Be Out?

As noted, Daniel Bryan cut a promo and confirmed his neck injury that we reported on earlier. He needs to undergo neck surgery this coming Thursday. For those not clear on what’s real and what’s not, Bryan is scheduled to undergo surgery on Thursday as he said on RAW. It was basically a “shoot” promo where everything he said regarding the neck injury was the real deal.

His injury is not as serious as it was played up to be on RAW this week. As noted, he is expected to have minimally invasive surgery on Thursday.

Accord to the Wrestling Observer, Bryan will be out six to eight weeks but it could be less. They will know more after the surgery on Thursday.

This is awesome news as he will not be out that long and will not be stripped of the title. It looks like he will be back in a bout two months or so, of course give or take a bit. I am sure Daniel Bryan will want to be back as soon as possible.

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