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WWE Has Big Plans To Bring Back Ric Flair - Details

Due to Jerry Lawler’s heart attack and Ultimate Warrior’s passing WWE is being very careful with Ric Flair coming back as a performer. Now he will not be wrestling, but rather managing. He is scheduled for his full cardiovascular physical in Pittsburgh later this week in order to see if he’s able to come back to WWE TV as a full-time TV character or not.

Creative will be bringing him back as a babyface and they have had been several ideas floated in regard to whom he could be paired with. One suggestion was to put him back with Miz. They had a history with Miz using the figure four submission in 2013. Some feel that the Miz is “damaged goods” and at best should go heel if they want to push him up the card since fans don’t like him and his face runs have flopped.

Flair wants to manage former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler and sees him as a potential top star, however, they do not know if that is the site plan with all of the decisions in WWE not been set in stone. Another idea being floated around is putting him alongside the Shield against Evolution to follow up on his TV appearance, but not likely with Batsita leaving WWE soon to promote his upcoming movies. It’s possible Evolution won’t be featured as a group after Payback.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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