Kevin Nash Talks About CM Punk Leaving WWE - Does He Agree With It?

Former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash appeared on Squared Circle Radio and spoke about CM Punk’s departure from WWE.

His thoughts on Punk being irritated at the Rumble: “I got the chance to hang around him a little and get to know him a little bit. And I was there during the Rumble when they were putting the Rumble together. He just kind of looked at me, you know like he just gave me these eyes like ‘do you believe this?’ You know, it’s like this guy is putting this match together and he shouldn’t be putting this match together. It should be the guys putting the match together. I could just tell that he was…”

His thoughts on Punk not needing the money: “A guy like him, man, it just… One thing that Chief Jay Strongbow told me when I first got in was ‘get you a place and pay cash for it. Then you always have a lifeboat and you don’t need the business.’ … I think Phil lives in a town house and he doesn’t… you know, he’s not one of those guys that’s going to have 15 cars. He’s one of those simple guys. He was an indie guy for probably 10 to 12 years before he made it on top. That’s a lot of miles, and he works a lot more aggressive style than I ever did, so he’s got wear and tear on him. At some point he probably saved $4 or 5 million. Really, if it’s in a Lincoln National Fund with a five-percent return you don’t need much more than that. I’m sure he’s smart, he’s a smart guy. I’m sure he’s looked at it. Yeah, he came back for some money but when you’re in that spot and you’re just burned out you don’t do anybody any good. You don’t do yourself any good, you don’t do the company any good. Yeah, he missed a payday but Steve missed some paydays too when Steve decided he was burnt out. I commend him. If you don’t need them, then you have the power. If you need them, then you’re in trouble.”

Punk made a decision and that is what’s best for him. Punk was a guy whom the people believed in. Love him or hate him, he got a reaction out of you, me and everyone else who watches WWE Programming. Punk made a decision that killed his career; he walked out on a company that made him a millionaire. Punk was and is one of the best wrestlers that we have seen in the last twenty years. He is someone that can be remembered for years to come, but let him go.

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