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TNA Bringing Back Six Sided Ring?

​- Impact Wrestling’s official ​Facebook Page issued a survey to their fans about which ring they like better, and to let them know by commenting under the two side by side photos. Right Now the Six Sided ring is winning by just over a thousand more votes.


I think bringing back the ring would be cool, but should not be something that is on the top of the very long list of what TNA needs to fix. Let’s start by redoing storylines, storyline endings, pay offs, heels, and MONEY ISSUES. Hardcore TNA that will defend the company to the bitter end will want this move to happen and yes it would be different which TNA needs to do desperately, so that argument is creditable. You just can’t forget all the problems they do have going on. Let us know in the comment area below on what you want to see.

– It was one of the biggest showdowns between the two kings of submission – Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. The year was 2008 and the prize – the World Heavyweight Championship.

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