Update on TNA Bringing Back The Six Sided Ring


As we reported yesterday on the site, Impact Wrestling’s official ​Facebook Page issued a survey to their fans about which ring they like better, and to let them know by commenting under the two side by side photos.

Update: Head of creative “Big” John Gaburick has even gone so far as to “promise” that it will in the future. However, since the company’s shift to a more traditional four-sided ring, the vast majority of TNA’s six-sided rings have been converted in the process.

The idea is to do it once or even a test to see how the wrestlers and the crowd react to it compared to the traditional four sided ring. One Night Only event, or a special edition of Impact Wrestling, or possibly even a full pay-per-view event.

However, right now it is believed that bringing the ring back on a full time basis, is not real. The company has destroyed most of the rings and would not be cost effective to buy new ones.

The hardcore TNA fans or the ones who remember it, like me, want to see it back, but it’s hard to believe that it will be.

Let us know in the comment area below, do you want to see it come back?

Source: PWInsider.com

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