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Jeremy Borash On Changes To The TNA Roster


TNA announcer Jeremy Borash did an interview with the Huff Post UK’s Royal Ramblings Blog and I thought there was one interesting note, which was the changes to the TNA Roster.

“If we’ve been accused of anything over the last 12 years, it’s probably not building enough of our own stories. If you look at our roster now, though it is all (with the exception of a few guys) homegrown stars. We’re focusing on fresh talent. Of course, it’s hard to say goodbye to people that you’ve become attached to and that have become a part of your family, but the reality is that entertainment has a high turnover.”

On who’s coming to TNA: ” There’s a couple of guys out there that I know have been discussed and there have been conversations and contract talks and whatnot. “

The TNA roster is almost nothing at this point. Yes, you have Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Bully Ray and others. But go back and look at today’s roster compared to last year’s roster. WOW.

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