WWE To Loose Between $46-52 Million This Year



– WWE will reportedly lose more money this year than any wrestling promotion has ever lost in a calendar year other than what WCW did back in 2000. WWE will lose around $46-52 million this year compared to what WCW lost which was $62 million in 2000.

WWE was projected to lose about $23-26 million in the first six months and then with the new TV deal and the launch of the WWE network, they expected to break even. Source: Wrestling Observer.

As far as people freaking out that they might go out of business, that will not happen whatsoever. There has been talk of WWE going back to private, but that will not happen. Obviously this is not good for WWE, but nothing that will crumble them where they have to sale the company.

– Here is your pro wrestling history of the day:

WCW, WWE and TNA executive Eric Bischoff turns 59 today.

One-time WCCW Television Champion Kelly Kiniski turns 51 today.

One-time WWE Divas Champion Natalya turns 32 today.

1988: Randy Savage (C) defeated Ted DiBiase by DQ to retain the WWF World Heavyweight Title at Madison Square Garden for a house show.

1996: Scott Hall appeared on WCW Nitro for the first time. He declared war on WCW and officially launched the New World Order.

1996: Sting defeated Scott Steiner by DQ in the main event of Nitro.

1996: Vader defeated Ahmed Johnson in the main event of Raw. This was the same show that Scott Hall showed up on Nitro.

2002: Rob Van Dam defeated Eddie Guerrero in a Ladder Match to win the WWE Intercontinental Title on Raw.

2013: One year to the day, Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett on Main Event TV from Edmonton, Alberta.

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