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Preview For Tonight’s TNA iMPACT! Broadcast

Here is a preview of tonight’s TNA Impact:

* Fallout from last week.

* More build between MVP Vs. Erick Young

* Will Bully Ray put Dixie Carter through a table tonight on Impact?

* Mr. Anderson and Gunner Vs. Bro-mans

* Bram is in action!

* More on Gunner counseling Sam Shaw in the looney bin.

* The Beautiful People Vs. Brittany and a partner of her choice.

After ratings continue to slip, TNA can’t go down the road they did last week. They have to turn this around, and yes I know everyone is saying that, that is the easy part (Saying it) The hard part is actually doing it. Everyone can knock TNA, they just can’t help TNA. Instead of criticizing them because you are a WWE mark, why not actually watch the product. TNA has already taped the the next couple of episodes so I am not very confident that they will change anything around due the show already being in the bag. We sure can hope though.

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