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TNA NYC TV Tapings Tickets Are Not Selling – Details

- Surprise, surprise, TNA is not moving tickets very well at all for the NYC TV tapings. Right now they are not looking too good as sales go, the front row is sold out for all three nights but many ringside seats are left.

They only have 800 seats to fill and aren’t even close yet. Now I have no clue how many seats on in the building and it will not be no arena, but that is not good at. TNA can’t be happy with that at all. Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Another hard hit for TNA and they just keep on coming. We all know that TNA does do the best live attendance in the wolrd, but you would think that they would at least fill a small building. However they could have always booked an arena that they can’t fill.

- TNA runs two events this weekend:

  • May 30: Pikeville, KY
  • May 31: Corbin, KY

The advertised matches for both shows are….

  • Tables Match: Bully Ray vs. EC3
  • “The Cowboy” James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson
  • Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky
  • Sanada vs. Tigre Uno

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  • Joe

    Another WWE sheep. Its so easy to spot you losers. You would think you losers would want to watch a show that caters to adults but no you still stick up for WWE when they cater to children and are complete garbage. Do you people actually like that Corny, sissy shit on Monday nights? I sure the hell don’t. The only reason I watch WWE is because of 30 yrs of loyalty. WWE was good one day but that day sure the hell past a long time ago. Move WWE to Nickelodeon where it belongs. At least I can stop hearing you Sheep rip TNA because of ratings. As bad as TNA ratings are they will be passing up Smackdown real soon. Anyone check out WWE ratings lately and pay problems. Before ripping on TNA you better worry about your own sissified company known as WWE. Hell, good thing WWE isn’t violent anymore. I could just imagine some of you pussies getting offended every week.

    • Jon Palmer

      You actually still watch WWE? Wow, that IS loyalty. Every time I try to watch it I get sick, so I stopped trying.
      TNA, ROH even AAW (on YouTube) are more enjoyable.

  • Joe

    Do you and guys like Dave Meltzer get off on making shit up? TNA has around 50 tickets left to sell. They are getting around $400 a ticket ringside which is sold out. You must not have a life to just sit there and make shit up, just to get other WWE Sheep to follow your dumb ass.

  • JaySin420

    How bad can ticket sales be when they just added more NY shows?

    • Max Da Boss Patterson