Internal Heat On WWE Legends House Star

Source: WWE.com

Source: WWE.com

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper has reportedly upset people within WWE. It’s unclear on why he has heat, but he has had a up and down relationship with the company. The heat may come from Piper’s recent comments about Pat Patterson on a Kayfabe Commentaries DVD or could be from some of the negative comments he’s made about Legends House while doing media interviews.

Piper says what is on his mind and really does not care what you think. He is entertaining, but can be a you know what. He loves his fans and hates his haters. I see no reason why WWE will use Piper anytime soon.

– In a sad note, WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton Jr. Wrestled in front of 10 fans on May 24th at a local independent wrestling show.

Orton was paid for the event. It’s very sad to hear this, hopefully Orton can find other means on getting more money than wrestling at these types of shows in the near future. Time will tell.

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