Thoughts on the Incredible Stars of NXT Takeover

Back in April, after Rusev made his singles debut and Paige won the Divas Championship on the Raw after WrestleMania, I wrote this article about NXT taking over WWE. Little did I know that NXT was just getting started.

Thursday night, at the show entitled NXT Takeover, they literally did just that.

Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze set up the explosives, Charlotte vs. Natalya brought the house down, and Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd set the rubble on fire. That may be a terrible analogy, but it works.

Looking at those six Superstars and Divas: Natalya and Kidd are already members of the main roster. Kidd is expected to be repackaged soon, and Natalya is a former Divas Champion. We were well aware of what they were capable of before Thursday night, but they still brought it for the NXT Universe.

As for the others, in my opinion, Neville and Zayn are both future world champions. Neville’s incredible high-flying ability immediately endears him to fans. He’s not the most charismatic guy, but crowds still love him. All that, plus his incredibly toned upper-body, which makes him look legit, is sure to make him the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at some point in the next few years.

Zayn is much harder to explain. As great a wrestler as he is, he’s one of the best in the world right now, his best quality is his ability to make anybody like him. When Zayn enters an arena, the atmosphere changes, it can be felt through a TV screen because it’s so strong. It’s hard to not pull for this guy, and he seems to put on a good match with anybody and everybody.

Charlotte is a future champion in her own right. At some point in the next two years, Charlotte and Paige will fight for the Divas Champion at WrestleMania, and (bold prediction time) they will main event an episode of Raw. We’ve only begun to find out what Paige can do, and the same can be said about Charlotte, both Divas are crazy talented and will make that division matter again.

Lastly, there’s Breeze. Breeze completely dives into his selfie-driven character, so much so that the NXT Universe frequently chants “Breeze is gorgeous” during his matches. Breeze has come a very long way in the ring, he’s one of NXT’s most talented performers and a very deserving #1 contender.

NXT was made to mold the Superstars and Divas of the future, and NXT Takeover showcased some really stellar examples. The future of WWE is in good hands, and it’s all thanks to NXT.

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