Photo: Stephanie McMahon Pees Herself During WWE Payback

- Well this is embarrassing for Stephanie McMahon, but it appears that she peed herself during WWE Payback. She did her segment with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. When she was walking back to the stage, she started running and well, you can see for yourself:


This had to be so embarrassing for her and I will not be a troll who comments on it, just a reporter.

- Here is today’s schedule on the WWE Network:

2:30 AM EST: ECW Hardcore TV
3:30 AM EST: WCW Clash of the Champions
6:00 AM EST: WCW Clash of the Champions
8:00 AM EST: Legends House
9:00 AM EST: Raw Flashback
10:00 AM EST: Raw Flashback
11:00 AM EST: WWE Superstars
12:00 PM EST: Main Event Replay
1:00 PM EST: WWE NXT Takeover
3:00 PM EST: Legends of Wrestling
4:30 PM EST: WWE Payback 2014
7:30 PM EST: Raw Pre-Show
8:00 PM EST: WWE Beyond The Ring: Chris Jericho
10:00 PM EST: ECW Hardcore TV
11:06 PM EST: Raw Backstage Pass

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  • Steve Roth

    She didn’t pee herself, you idiot. It’s the lighting hitting the material on her dress. You can see that when she first enters the ring.

    • Dot

      I thought so too but if you watch the footage, that dark spot stays in the same area on her dress while she’s running. Safe to say something took place in her underwear which would also explain why she was walking up the ramp at first and then suddenly ran instead.

      • Steve Roth

        Except it’s not a dark stain and you can see the same line when she enters the ring. http://boards.420chan.org/wooo/src/1401686287284.jpg

        She ran because it was part of the segment.

        • Dot

          Doesn’t look the same to me. The spot when she is running looks like a huge circle that doesn’t change it’s direction whereas this one looks like light reflection that makes it look darker as she’s walking. I’ve looked at the WWE.com pictures that give a shot of her rear and the zipper that runs all the way down is in the same light blue color.


          • Steve Roth

            Well, you’re seeing what isn’t there.

  • steamboat

    so you wont be a troll who comments on it but you post a picture and announce she peed herself, when she didn’t. Okayyyyyyyy