WWE Payback Predictions: Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship

After a Beat the Clock Challenge that took place two weeks ago, Rob Van Dam was named the #1 Contender to Bad News Barrett’s Intercontinental Championship.

Last month, Barrett defeated RVD in the final round of a tournament to determine the #1 Conteneder for the IC Title when it was held by Big E. Barrett would win the title from Big E at Extreme Rules, then defeat him in a rematch on Raw.

Let’s get to the predictions:

Stephen’s Take: I’ve got Bad News for RVD, he’s losing this match.  It should be a good match between the two, but it’s pretty easy to see that Barrett is winning.  Then who knows where RVD ends up going?

Stephen’s Prediction: Bad News Barrett

Marcus’ Take: One of the easiest matches to predict as far as the winner goes was this match. Van Dam hasn’t lost a step and continues to put on quality matches since his return. A title run for him wouldn’t make much sense at this point given his part-time status. Barrett is the coolest heel the company has had in a long time and the Chicago crowd is probably going to be behind him. With Van Dam’s aerial ability and Barrett’s roughneck, brawling style this match has potential for some cool spots. I’d like to see these two men work a finish where Barrett hops up off the mat with Van Dam goes for the 5-star frog spalsh and nail him with the Bull Hammer elbow.

Marcus’ Prediction: These two put on a great match that has potential to steal the show, the crowd cheers for both men, and Barrett takes Van Dam’s head off with the Bull Hammer elbow for the victory.

Mike’s Take: This is pretty simple. Bad News Barrett is going to win this match. RVD’s role is to put on a show like few others can and make Barrett look good.

RVD is in a dangerous territory. Like we have seen with Chris Jericho in recent years, RVD seems to be a star on Raw, then a loser on PPV. When a guy has that trajectory, it very quickly stops being impressive when somebody beats him. Will that start tonight, lessening Barrett’s win? I hope not, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Mike’s Predictions: Bad News Barrett

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